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 Arizona Highways Interview

 Paul Bond takes the reporter around the custom cowboy boots shop (the "Barn"), where individual custom cowboy boots are being handmade.

Choosing Leather For Custom Cowboy Boots

 Paul Bond talks about leather selection for handmade cowboy boots with artist Amado and JB Peña.  See also the  Custom Cowboy Boots Options link.

Amado Peña Talks About Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots

Famed southwestern artist Amado and his wife JB discuss Paul Bond Handmade Custom Cowboy Boots, and how they feel about them.

KTVK Southwest Styles Interview

Handmade cowboy boot wearer Randy Travis gives a reporter a tour and discusses Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots

Good Fitting Custom Cowboy Boots Come From Careful Measuring

Paul Bond shows how to measure your foot for a fit of your own Paul Bond Handmade Cowboy Boots.  Paul Bond's wants your custom cowboy boots to be right for you!



Paul Bond Custom Boots

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