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May 21, 2015


Main Street USA

This past week, MSNBC's JJ Ramberg and her team made the trip to Nogales, Arizona all the way from New York City for their new series, Main Street USA. Together we discussed issues facing small town businesses, the history of Paul Bond Boots, as well as the future direction of the company. Of course we couldn't let JJ walk out the door without getting measured, and we are happy to say we've introduced yet another New Yorker to the boot world!


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Stay tuned for more updates on air date and time!





May 12, 2015

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The Texas Hill Country at it's Finest

What was such a whirlwind of a trip to the Texas Hill Country turned out to be one of our best yet! I drove down to Fredericksburg, Texas a recent Friday afternoon for an Art Auction hosted by Insight Gallery. Walking in, I had no idea what an experience I was about to have. To begin, owners David and Meredith Plesko were beyond kind and helpful. They were swamped with last minute details, however Meredith still took the time to help me setup. Once the preview party began, I had the opportunity to talk to some fascinating people, some who had heard of Paul Bond Boots and others, who had not. Having the chance to share Paul’s story with newcomers is one of the best parts of my job. It gives me the opportunity to, in a small way, continue the legacy of Paul Bond Boots. Not only did I meet new people, I learned of other future events to attend such as the Dallas Safari Club's 2016 Tradition's Convention. To add icing to the already phenomenal cake, I was able to see some of the most beautiful American and Western Art my eyes have ever laid eyes upon! If art is your thing, its time to head down to Insight Gallery to meet some serious collectors!

After a great night with great conversation centered on all things creative – artwork, boots, and design, the night continued to an even more picturesque venue – Settlers Crossing, a beautiful bed & breakfast owned by dear friends of Paul Bond Boots, David and Melissa Estes. As we drove in, I can honestly say I didn't feel like I was in Texas anymore. It was more like the French countryside that included everything from ponies, donkeys, and goats to cobble stone pathways and trees with romantic twinkle lights. The weather was a crisp 60 degrees as we sat in our rocking chairs with good music, great cocktails, and even better company. While I was there, I measured their adventurous young daughter, Gracie, who knew exactly what she wanted - brown boots with flowers and turquoise accents. Consider it done Gracie, it would be an honor to make boots for such a true cowgirl! We retired for the evening to a quaint and comfortable cottage where I laid my head down and dreamt of a simple life surrounded by amazing people, beautiful country side, and of course, custom cowboy boots.

As I drove off the next day, I knew one thing for sure, Fredericksburg, that was not our last rodeo, we'll be back!


The Pioneer Log Cabin, where we stayed was built circa 1865 - it was like going back in time, in the best sense possible!

I wasn't kidding about the donkeys!




April 27, 2015


April Customer of the Month - "The Guy Who Wants Nothing"

The theme of 2015 so far has been all about getting to know our customers – who they are, what they like, and why they love Paul Bond. This month, we decided to interview our first ever, Paul Bond Customer of the Month.

As many of you know, we had a #mypbb contest, where individuals were asked to post pictures of themselves in their Paul Bond’s and tell us why we are their “go-to” boot maker. The winner of this challenge was Mark George, with this photo!

Clearly, this image tells us a lot about Mr. George, however, we had to know more! Here’s what we found out: 

Referred to by his son as “the guy who wants nothing,” Mark embodies the American Dream, at least from a male perspective! With a propensity for quality craftsmanship, his favorite toys include his D-18 Martin Retro guitar, his Harley, his 1946 J3 Cub airplane, and of course, his Paul Bond’s.

Having been in aviation his entire life, he knew his J3 Cub would be the central focus of his first pair of Paul Bond’s. This particular plane was manufactured in Pennsylvania, his home state, and it was the first plane made for the masses after WWII. To add to the significance, this Cub has been in the George family for generations and was restored by Mr. George himself, and his dear friend, Mr. Albert Kreller.

For his second pair, he plans to inlay his Martin guitar, combining yet another passion of his with his Paul Bond Boots. He mentioned that he loves our ability to take an image and have it come to life with his custom cowboy boots. But even more so, he loves the fact that he has had his boots for over 10 years, wears them on a regular basis, and they still look brand new!

The three things that Mr. George couldn't live without include his family, toys, and 2 dogs, Zeus and Jack. When he is not flying commercially, his boots are with him every step of the way. On an ending note, Mr. George had one thing to say:

“I plan on being buried with both my airplane and my boots!”

We must say that we truly admire you Mr. George - you are a lover of life, and there is no better way to describe you than how your son so finely put it, "a man who wants nothing."

April 15, 2015

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The Travel Channel comes to Paul Bond Boots!

Seasoned journalist Mariana van Zeller and acclaimed chef Michael Voltaggio recently visited Paul Bond Boots with their new series, Breaking Borders, which airs on the Travel Channel every Sunday. In each episode, they take viewers on a journey through different countries in conflict. In this particular episode, they investigated our border town of Nogales, Arizona. While filming they meet people affected by the unrest while exploring the history and culture of each area.

As a company that has been in Nogales for over 60 years, we were thrilled to be included! Check out this video to get a sneak peak of the upcoming episode on May 3rd. Here you will get a better idea of what goes on at PBB on a daily basis. Enjoy!


April 07, 2015


Wedding Cowboy Boots: How to Pick the Perfect Boots for Your Big Day

With wedding season quickly approaching and the ever growing trend for custom wedding boots, I thought to myself, what a perfect time to discuss handmade boots for the big day! Like custom boots in general, a lot of factors come into play. I know many women who put as much time and consideration into these special handmade boots as they do for their actual wedding dresses! With that much emphasis, I think it’s definitely time to break down the process.

In my opinion, it is always best to start with a few questions. For starters, do you plan to wear your custom made boots during the ceremony, just for the reception, or maybe as you exit the party? I know for a good friend of mine, she plans to wear hers for the grand finale as she exits the reception. Her wedding colors will consist of shades of blue and white throughout, so naturally she stayed true to theme with the design of her custom boots. For a beautiful combination of classic, elegant, yet fun, she selected a bright turquoise ostrich and bone kangaroo duo. As she designed her handmade boots, it was important for her to be able to wear them on any given day, not just her wedding day! She chose her heel, height, and toe all based on this idea. While many decide to include their wedding date, this bride opted out and instead went with her newly married monogram! We are convinced that her custom made boots are going to become a new favorite among Paul Bond brides!

Other brides are highly influenced by the location of their wedding whether it be on the Hawaiian beach side or on the beautiful southern lands of the Texas Hill Country. Your custom wedding boots can say so much about your big day. By carefully choosing your leathers, colors, and designs, you can convey simple elegance, southern comfort, playful personalization, and so much more!

Now we can't leave out the men in our lives, as they too, love their handmade wedding boots! Gents on the other hand tend to go for more neutral tones with a propensity for school mascots, state flags, and initials. A recent groom and friend, comes to mind, whose custom boots, hands down illustrate some of the best inlay work I've seen. What I loved about this couple is how they designed these custom made boots together. Both avid Horned Frog fans, there was no question that TCU would play a major role in the design. Additionally, he had his initials placed on one pull strap with his wedding date on the other. Word to the wise ladies, this is an excellent gift for your "soon to be" grooms with a serious upside – he will never forget your anniversary (or let's hope not!) 

On a final note and very personally exciting one, I am happy to announce that I can join the ranks of Paul Bond brides!  While we have no big plans yet, I can say that Paul Bond will play a huge role! All of the custom boots below have greatly inspired me, and I hope they can do the same for you!




March 10, 2015

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A Legacy of Legends

For those of you who made it out to Fort Worth for “A Legacy of Legends,"you can attest to what a great turnout it was for everyone involved.

I must say that I’ve always been aware of the term “horse whispering,” however, I didn’t quite realize just how much was wrapped up into that ideal. This past weekend I was able to experience and gain great appreciation for the ideals started by Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. Both gentlemen entered this arena for the love of the horse, not the fame, although that most definitely came, due to their massive influence in the horsemanship world. Together they brought about a new generation of horsemanship, one that focused on ways to make it easier or better for the horse.

Now Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt's protégé, and Carolyn Hunt strive to continue the Legacy of these legendary men by hosting “A Legacy of Legends” every year. This was their 5th year in a row.

More than anything, the gentleness of all the people I met this weekend amazed me the most. When many think of cowboys, they think of rough and tough, but these gentlemen and ladies were a different kind of breed. They had gentle spirits, very much like those of a horse. You could visibly see each individuals desire to learn more about relating to their animal. Not only did it translate in their interactions with horses, but their interactions with people as well.

In a very real way, it reminded me of Paul. For those of you who knew him, you could attest to his truly gentle and kind spirit. He had a way with people that required very few words, just like Buck and his horses. Like the many people who aim to continue the teachings of Ray and Tom, we, at Paul Bond Boots, strive to continue the legacy of Paul Bond, a gentle man with a true love of custom cowboy boots and the western world as a whole.

As a far from final reflection on this past weekend, I think back to a conversation I had with Buck. He mentioned that when asked as a kid, how he would define success, he would always quickly respond with, “to be a cowboy and to wear Paul Bond Boots!” Buck, we’d have to agree with you!

For more on Buck Brannaman, check out "Buck," a documentary available on Netflix - trust me it's worth your while!

Legends who wore the Legend!

Hanging out with Carolyn Hunt at PBB's booth - such a kind and relateable woman.

Shayne Jackson, Desiree Sides (in her brand new Paul Bond's!), myself, and Art!

Having fun measuring and meeting new people!

I want to give huge accolades to the other vendors and supporters present at this event. Your workmanship, creativity, and presentation were top notch. I learned so much from you – thank you!

1) Buck, Mary and Reata Brannaman


 2) Shayne Jackson, owner of McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch


3)  Buster and Sheryl McLaury


4) Eclectic Horseman Magazine


 5) Reata Ranchwear


 6) Steve Mecum Saddles


 7) Hagel’s Cowboy Gear


8) Rank Bridles


 9) Western Horseman



February 02, 2015


Sneak Peak of Holiday Photoshoot!

This past year was a wild one here at Paul Bond Boots. We built everything from thigh high cowboy boots to exotic English riding boots!  However, in the midst of all the chaos and fun, we managed to sneak in a photoshoot at the one and only Holler and Saunders, located in Nogales, Arizona.

It was such a privilege to have our boots photographed at such a breathtaking venue. Founded in 1979 and known for their Latin American antiques, Holler and Saunders has graced the pages of Architectural Digest, Town & Country, and Veranda. We are forever grateful to Sam and Eddie for making this dream come true!

To bring our boots to life, we had the good fortune of working with photographer, Ali Megan, the founder of Ali Megan Photography. Having shot and directed many shoots at Holler & Saunders, we instantly knew she was the woman for the job! Her vision and talent gave a new edge to the classical western cowboy storyline.

Lastly, we want to give a BIG thank you to all the models. You were professional, gifted, and inspiring, but most of all, you looked like naturals in your Paul Bond’s!

What a great way to end one year and begin another! Lots to come in 2015, including A LOT of traveling. If you think we should hit your town, please email me at alex@paulbondboots.com!

2015 Travel Schedule:

NCBA Convention in San Antonio, Texas - February 6th and 7th

Benefit Fashion Show for the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation in Tucson, Arizona - March 1st

Legacy of Legends in Fort Worth, Texas - March 6th, 7th, and 8th

Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - September 10th - 13th

Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas, Nevada - December 3rd - 12th




Samuel Saunders and Edward Holler – Venue Owners

Ali Megan – Photographer

Jake Houston – Model/Set Director

Jared Saunders – Model

Chad Harrison – Model

Brady Marshall – Model

Miguel Angel - Model

Laurel Hervert – Model

Savanah Impellizzeri – Model

Jordan Anderson – Model

Cassie Brooks – Model

Andrea Pottinger – Hair Stylist

Starla Cocio Topar – Make-up Artist

October 08, 2014


Why Paul Bond Boots?

Hi Friends,

It has been a chaotic few months with many twist and turns. But now, as I get a chance to catch my breath, I’ve posed a question to both our customers and our staff, as well as myself – Why Paul Bond Boots? What drives our customers to continually order Paul Bonds? What keeps generations of families working here day in and day out? In essence, why do people believe in our brand?

My research began with Mr. Kent Clark, the owner of 56 pairs (at our last count) of Paul Bond Custom Boots. Mr. Kent has been wearing boots since he was a freshman in high school. Although, at the time they were not Paul Bond’s, he was converted when he first came across an ad in Western Horseman for Custom Cowboy Boots. To both his and my shock, his first pair cost a mere $74! Oh how the times have changed! In a nut shell, Mr. Kent continues to wear our boots because we “provide good service, and the boots, they just fit.” Having never ordered the same design twice, at the age 75, he is still interested in adding to his collection, in particularly the classic PBB Tulip! Let us just say – Mr. Kent, it would be an absolute honor to make you another pair of custom boots!

In terms of our staff, there is no better team than our team. We function like a family. Every day we learn from one another and do our best to work through any growing pains. Upon asking a 3rd generation artisan why he loves Paul Bond Boots, he thought for a minute and then responded, “it feels like home, every day when I walk through those doors, I remember the days when my grandfather was here, and now I see my father, which is really special.”

For me, it’s a compilation of several reasons. I love continuing the art of true custom craftsmanship, especially an art that my grandfather helped hone and built his life around. Secondly, I can’t imagine working in a lackluster environment. The people here have true passion. Their passion keeps me positive even when life is tough. But lastly, and most importantly, I love our customers, and not just the ones with dozens of Paul Bond’s, as great as they are! The stories that really touch me are the people who have waited their entire lives to own a pair of custom Paul Bond Boots. You can hear it in their voice, in their attention to detail, and in their happiness when their custom made boots finally arrive at the front door.

So back to my original question, why do people believe in our brand? Based on my journey so far, it is clear, that yes, we have a great team that makes a great product, and yes, we do everything in our power to go above and beyond your expectations, but at the end of the day, YOU make Paul Bond Boots the company that is today. Your support is contagious. We see it every day on our active Facebook page, our ringing phones, and your regular emails.

Keep it up y’all! We have big plans for this company, but most importantly, we have big plans for you!

All my best,


August 31, 2014


Ride with Us

As a child, I never knew how lucky I was to be running around in custom cowboy boots. Yes, you heard me right, a growing four year old in the most elaborate and darling boots in the entire world. I distinctly remember hearing compliments that particularly southern mothers love giving, “Now aren’t you just cute as a button!” True to form, I used to respond promptly and curtly with “Oh, it’s my hair.” Trust me when I say, my hair was/is nothing to write home about! Today, I firmly believe my childhood charm was rooted in those special works of art.

This could be due to the fact that my grandfather, was in fact, Paul Bond, the founder of the legendary Paul Bond Custom Boots in Nogales, Arizona.

Let’s skip forward a few years. Today, after just finishing my MBA at Southern Methodist University, I am now the General Manager at PBB. I never imagined this would be my dream job, as I always thought I was cut from the cloth of corporate America. However, after just one summer in the corporate world, I knew it just wasn’t my cup of tea. My passion is family, friends, and hard, meaningful work. Although it had always been in the back of mind, it wasn’t until one year ago that I decided to take the plunge into the family business.

As I split my time between Dallas, Texas and PBB’s headquarters in Nogales, Arizona, I find that this is the kind of job that just doesn’t get boring. It’s a constant battle to learn as much as possible about being a manufacturer as well as a retailer, as much as possible about our customers and future customers, and as much as possible about all things… yeah, just all things.

While the highly skilled team at the custom boot barn and myself continue on this journey, we hope that you will ride with us. It should be an adventurous, yet exciting trip. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you, and for that, we thank you. We hope to continue pleasing you with your own personal works of art, that are even more fabulous for you than they were for that four year old child who didn’t quite realize their meaning. Today, that same girl, cherishes those little custom made  boots as I’m sure you cherish yours.

In the meantime – stay booted, and continue to "Wear the Legend."

All my best,