Elephant Custom Boots

If you are looking for the toughest of leathers and the sturdiest of boots, elephant is the hide for you, as nothing compares to the strength of a custom elephant cowboy boot. Until recently, elephant hides were only available in your basic black, chocolate brown, or grey color variations. 


However, nowadays, elephant has a variety of tanning options such as matte, vintage, safari, or even suede. For more information on elephant skins, or hide options in general, click here!


Please keep in mind that all of our elephant hides are obtained legally through Zimbabwe, a location which is monitored by both the Zimbabwe government and the US government. Paul Bond Boots does not endorse nor source leather through illegal/unethical means.

Elephant FAQs:

What makes elephant a good hide for custom cowboy boots?

Elephant boots are a fantastic option for those looking for an unusually scuff resistant and durable cowboy boot. If you are hard on your boots, like so many of us are, now is the time to give elephant a try. Additionally, it doesn't hurt that the tanning options are second to none, with several different textures and colors available.