Legendary High-End Cowboy Boots

Our high-end custom boot company started decades ago, long before machine-made boots and shoes were the norm. Throughout the years, we have remained dedicated to our original principles of using only the highest quality of leather materials for unparalleled durability and achieving exceptional fit using custom measurements and unique molds for every customer, not to mention superior bespoke craftsmanship for every handmade pair of custom cowboy boots.

Paul Bond Boots was shepherded through its first 70 years by our founder Paul Bond, who learned master boot making on the side while he worked performing stunts in the rodeo circuit. He created highly stylized boots for his act, first, and then for the cowboys who tore up arenas across the West. Next, many of those early customers went to Hollywood.

Soon, Paul Bond Custom Boots opened shop full time and got the attention of top-tier celebrities like John Wayne. Years of careful work earned him a reputation as one of the best handmade custom cowboy boot makers in the world. Today, we follow in the footsteps of Paul Bond, paying tribute to him every day by crafting some of the best classic custom made boots money can buy. Whether you're adding to a large collection of boots or dream of owning your first pair of custom cowboy boots, look no further than our All-American handmade custom boots shop in Nogales, Arizona.

The Paul Bond Cowboy Boots Experience

From our barn, we'll start building the best handmade cowboy boots you'll ever have by taking your custom measurements, including everything from the length of each toe to the height of your arches and the width of the ball of your foot.

Next, you decide every possible detail so your high-end custom cowboy boots are a unique expression of your style and personality. We make every heel in vintage style with stacked leather and insert lemonwood pegs into every pair of custom boots by hand. You can choose heel heights as low as 1.25 inches for a comfortable walking experience or up to 2.5 inches for slipping perfectly into stirrups to take the most fashionable rides of your life.

Next, you decide the shape of the toe box, from long and pointy for a classic look and ease of slipping into stirrups, rounded for a roper style, boxy and square for a comfortable fit, to anywhere in between. Then, you can decide the height of the top, the kind of pull straps and piping you want and your preference of distinctive designs, either from our collection of custom cowboy boot styles or from your own pattern. Every pair of custom boots we build is fully customizable.

Before you go or complete your order form and mail it to our expert custom boot makers, you'll also decide the leather material you prefer for all the parts of your classic handmade cowboy boot, from the tops to the vamps to the instep and heel counter. We offer highly durable options such as bull and French wax calf as well as exotic leathers for ostrich boots, alligator boots, shark, stingray, or python detailing and more. You can examine each swatch of leather at this stage, because each piece is distinct in texture and coloring.

Then, we'll send one your way so our master leather craftsmen can get started. Within a few months, your distinctive high-end custom cowboy boots will arrive. Although we sincerely hope you'll be overjoyed, we know that every time you enter a room with your new handmade boots or walk down a busy street with them on, all eyes will be on those magnificent custom boots.

Your Boot, Your Style

We make every classic custom cowboy boot a masterpiece in its own right, and we craft them to last a lifetime. Nevertheless, several types of handmade boots are available for our elite clientele. We can't blame you for wanting a pair of showy boots for posh events, for example, and a second pair for the hard outdoor work of a modern rancher.

For women, we offer exquisite feminine styles such as the fuchsia and purple Mesquite, the vibrant red and suede Hopi, the classic cowgirl Patagonia for a lace-up look reminiscent of the Old West, or the colorful Swift Current made of sharkskin and calf.

For a working boot, we recommend high tops and durable leather to protect you from hazards such as brush and snakebites. For a glamorous feel, we like the decadence of custom ostrich boots and the unique look and feel of alligator custom boots.

Many of our styles are unisex or can be ordered with details to reflect your gender, but others are ideal for the genuine masculinity of the classic American cowboy. Consider the Boulder, for example, made with both buffalo skin, ostrich leather and buckstitch. The finished product glows with unparalleled beauty. Alternatively, you can choose a truly custom design emblazoned with the logo of your favorite team or with your own initials and stitching and inlay combinations. If these options don't fit your style, consider a custom boot with your state flag or an understated Troubadour crafted of bison and lizard.

Contact Our Master Boot Makers

We would love to help you through your journey toward your own pair of classic, high-end custom cowboy boots. We invite you to browse through our Look Book for ideas, watch our measurement tutorials to ensure you get the proper fit and print out an order form to get started. Call us at 520-281-0512 or email us here if you have any questions.


Live the Legend

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