Welcome to Paul Bond Boots. We begin each pair of Custom Cowboy Boots with your vision and style combined with our 70 years of learned experience. We craft fine American handmade custom cowboy boots with personal designs, measurements, and leather choices. Each pair of Custom Boots is individually designed and handmade to fit and please you by some of the finest custom cowboy boot makers in the world.
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Live the Legend

Ride with Us

August 31, 2014

As a child, I never knew how lucky I was to be running around in custom cowboy boots. Yes, you heard me right, a growing four year old in the most elaborate and darling boots in the entire world. I distinctly remember hearing compliments that particularly southern mothers love giving, “Now aren’t you just cute as a button!” True to form, I used to respond promptly and curtly with “Oh, it’s my hair.” Trust me when I say, my hair was/is nothing to write home about! Today, I firmly believe my childhood charm was rooted in those special works of art. This could be due to the fact that my grandfather, was in fact, Paul Bond, the founder of the... Continue Reading →


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