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Paul Bond Boots is the custom cowboy boots maker for discerning men and women, and we need information to make your personal handmade custom cowboy boots fit and look just the way you want .... And remember that a good fit of your handmade Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots comes from good measuring.  

Keep in mind, your personal handmade boots will be custom made, which means you can mix and match catalog styles, select your top height, top shape, toe, heel shape/size, leathers, colors, and can even personalize with brands, logos or initials!  If you need help on leather selections, we would be more than happy to work with you on options as well as send you leather samples to make your selection as simple as possible for your Paul Bond custom cowboy boots..




 You can watch Paul Bond himself show how to measure for your custom fit in your handmade custom cowboy boots.  Just click play below! 

Then, download the printable Order Form, and print it out on legal size paper if available.  You can also print the form on letter size paper, but the images will be slightly reduced.   NOTE:  You will need to use legal size paper of some type to trace your feet if they are size 10 or larger.  



When measuring, here are a few things to keep in mind:

·        Measure and trace both feet as no two feet are exactly alike. If the sheet is not long or wide enough to fit your feet, please feel free to send in your own paper from home. 

·        If a mistake is made with your tracing, erase the incorrect line.  This will help our lastmaker to accurately compare your tracings to your measurements.

·        Keep your pencil at a 90-degree angle to the paper at all times when outlining your foot.  Doing otherwise may result in your Paul bond custom cowboy boots being too tight or too loose. 

·        Always have a buddy measure you, as this will allow for more accurate tracings and measurements.

Then fill in the blanks to tell us how you would like your personalized handmade Paul Bond custom cowboy boots  to look, fit, and feel, including your choices of style, leathers, colors, heels, toes, stitching or inlays, soles, and tops (including the height and shape).  (See various Toes, Heels, and Leathers, for example, at  Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots - Options)

Be sure to tell us also if you prefer a featherweight non-welted, regular welted,or heavy weight sole on your handmade custom cowgirl or custom cowboy boots . Yes, you even get to choose that! 

If you want some thoughts on the preferences for light vs heavy duty boots, or men's vs women's, please see Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots Considerations.

If instead you have a special design or style that you want on your Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots, or want to design your own handmade custom cowboy boots, generally describe what you would like on your custom cowboy boots or send us a picture or drawing.  We can then talk it through with you.

We enjoy working with you on your very special and personal individually handmade Paul Bond custom cowboy boots.  

We will ask you any questions we have about your custom cowboy boots order, and are happy to answer your questions.  We at Paul Bond Custom Boots really want you to get your fit in your own personalized Paul Bond custom cowboy boots. 

At any time while you are going through the Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots ordering process and making your choices of style, design and fit, just call or email us if you would like to talk about your choices/options.  We are happy to supply individual swatches of leathers and/or colors for your handmade Paul Bond custom cowboy boots

If you need assistance designing your Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots, just call:  
520-281-0512 or 520-281-1077, or click the CONTACT US  link.

So, follow the instructions on  the Paul Bond custom cowboy boots order form, measure your feet so we can build a last to shape your personal handmade cowboy boots to fit, fill in the blanks, trace your feet, and send in your handmade Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots Order.  Please do not Fax your feet tracings (to avoid distortion by fax machines), but instead MAIL your order to:


  Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots
915 West Paul Bond Drive
Nogales, AZ 85621
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  Paul Bond Handmade Custom Boots Order Form  



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