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Around 1916, Custom boots maker Paul Bond was born  into a Seminole Texas ranching family, and raised in Carlsbad, New Mexico.   

He grew up on ranches, and  worked in a saddle and western custom cowboy boots shop.  Paul trained mounts for the U.S. Horse Cavalry by riding them to school.

He started hand making custom cowboy boots in 1932, and continued through his successful career as a champion bareback bronc rider and trick rider.

Paul Bond founded this custom cowboy boots business in 1946, while continuing rodeoing through 1951.

Paul Bond moved the handmade custom cowboy boots operation to Nogales Arizona in 1955, and built its present location (the Barn) in 1979.  (Click here for location of the Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots barn if you are in the neighborhood)


In 1992, the Rodeo Cowboy Hall of fame inducted Paul Bond  as a great bareback bronc rider.

 Paul Bond Boots has become known for well-shaped handmade custom made cowboy boots that serve the cowboys & cowgirls, gentlemen & ladies,  at work or play, and for the designs both of decorative patterns and adaptations of special customer wishes for their custom made cowboy boots. 

Paul Bond  Custom Boots offer men & women a unique and individual means of expressing themselves; ways of standing out in a crowd and enjoying high quality, whether cowboy, cowgirl, gentleman or lady, man or woman,on a ranch or in town, with everlasting style and quality .

Paul Bond left us in February, 2012.  His legacy continues.


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