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Custom Cowboy Boots - HEELS

Paul Bond's heels are handmade layer by layer, set well under the boots for comfort, and extended in the back to help protect the heel counter from wearing and keep a spur from slipping over your heel. If you want a larger spur extension heel on your custom boots, as shown in our Catalog of Custom Cowboy Boots designs 17A and 17B, be sure to tell us when ordering.

The look of the handmade custom cowboy boots' heels will vary in proportion to the size of your custom boots. All heels of our boots have rubber taps unless you order otherwise.


Color Selection


Selecting leather styles and colors can be a tricky process. Because our suppliers are subject to change, materials may vary in color, grain, and consistency. Therefore, we strongly recommend requesting leather swatches before confirming your order. That way, we can ensure the end product matches your expectations. To request a swatch, please call us at 520-281-0512.