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Customer agrees that these Terms and Conditions are incorporated into every Order made to Paul Bond Boots


Leather Colors, Scars, Markings  --  Leather colors will vary slightly from catalog and web page illustrations, and different batches of leather will themselves vary within a color.  If you are concerned about the color of your handmade custom cowboy boots, we are happy to supply swatches of what we intend to use on your Paul Bond Handmade Custom Cowboy Boots..  Occasionally, leather and exotic skins will have natural scars and markings. We do our best to arrange these markings so they are not in a conspicuous place, and they only add to the uniqueness of the leather.

Deposits  --  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.  A minimum deposit of thirty-five percent (35%) is required with each order for Paul Bond  custom cowboy boots.  (AZ state tax will be added for AZ residents).

Changes or Cancelations to Custom Western Boot Orders  --  You must make all changes or cancelations to orders for Paul Bond handmade  custom cowboy boots within five (5) business days after we receive your custom cowboy boots order at our shop.  Cancelations after those 5 days will result in a ten percent (10%) restocking fee if we have not started handmaking the boots, but otherwise to a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee.

Handmade Custom Western Boots Delivery Time  --  Delivery on Paul Bond custom cowboy boots is currently approximately 20-24 weeks after we receive all fitting and design information.  The handcrafting of high quality custom cowboy boots takes time, and we do our best to meet a 20 week delivery.  However, we are handcrafting fine handmade western boots, individually crafted especially for you from the wooden last up.

Shipping Methods and Insurance  --  We currently ship both Paul Bond custom cowboy boots and stock  handmade cowboy boots via USPS, and sometimes by FedEx.  Flat rate shipping charges within the United States vary between $25.00 to $50.00 (East Coast seems to be higher), and delivery takes approximately three (3) days.  We actively seek reliable but less expensive shipping methods.  Overseas shipment charges and delivery times fluctuate widely.  You pay all shipping charges, insurance fees, export/import fees, taxes (including without limitation applicable national state and/or local sales, VAT, and/or use taxes) on your Paul Bond handmade custom cowboy boots, and all such costs are non-refundable.

We highly recommend that you insure your shipment of custom cowboy boots in case of loss or damage, since we do not accept and take no responsibility nor accept liability for lost or damaged packages.  We are happy to arrange insurance for you and put the cost on your final invoice, if you wish.  (If a package is not insured, the carriers generally pay a minimal fee for lost or damaged goods, with a maximum benefit of $100.)  

Gift Certificates  --  We offer Gift Certificates for use towards the purchase of any Paul Bond Boot Company merchandise, including custom cowboy boots.  These Gift Certificates expire 1 year after the purchase date.  We do not offer refunds on or replacements of Gift Certificates, so keep them safe and be sure the recipients use them!

Returns of CUSTOM Cowboy and Cowgirl Boots  --  Remember:  These are handmade custom cowboy boots especially crafted to your personal size and design choices.  Rarely, something goes awry in the measuring and fitting process. 

If (1) your custom cowboy boots are not personalized with initials, logos, or brands,  (2) we agree that the fit is not accurate and cannot be corrected by our adjustments, and   (3) you have not worn, scuffed, or damaged your handmade custom cowboy boots; you may return Paul Bond Paul Bond custom cowboy boots that need adjustment for remake or refund within fifteen (15) days of your receipt.  In such cases, upon authorized return and verification, we will remake your handmade custom cowboy boots at no extra charge or, if you prefer, we will refund the purchase price less a ten percent (10%) restocking fee for qualifying handmade custom cowboy boots.  However, we require a Return Authorization Code.  Please contact our shop by using our CONTACT US  link.

Handmade custom cowboy boots that you ordered with initials, logos, or brands are not eligible for refund or remake, but we will be happy to make minor adjustments.  Keep this in mind if you are adding initials, logos, or brands to your first pair of Paul Bond handmade custom cowboy boots.  Most of the time a fit adjustment is all that is needed if your handmade custom cowboy boots do not fit properly, and we are always happy to work with you on those adjustments to your new handmade custom cowboy boots.

Returns of STOCK Handmade Cowboy Boots  --  You may return unworn, unscuffed, and undamaged stock handmade cowboy boots bought from Paul Bond Boots for exchange or refund of the purchase price within five (5) business days of your receipt.  However, you must get a Return Authorization Code.  Before returning the pair of Paul Bond handmade cowboy boots, please contact our shop by using our CONTACT US  link to receive your code.  It takes up to fifteen (15) business days to process your refund at our end after we receive your return of the handmade cowboy boots.  If you want to make a return after the five (5) business days period, it will be subject to our sole review, option, and approval; and even if approved may only result in a credit.  We are not responsible in any way for stock handmade cowboy boots returned without a Return Authorization Code, and any Paul Bond Handmade Cowboy Boots returned without that code would not be eligible for a refund or credit.


PLEASE REMEMBER - Return Authorization Codes Are Required, and easily obtained.


All returns, whether of handmade stock or custom cowboy boots, require Return Authorization Codes. We are not responsible in any way for handmade cowboy boots returned without a Return Authorization Code. Please call us by using our  CONTACT US  link to obtain your Return Authorization Code before returning your order.

Individual bank policies will dictate when your bank credits any refunds to your account. We will not refund any import/export fees, VAT, or similar taxes or fees paid on any Paul Bond Handmade Cowboy Boots.

Paul Bond Custom Boots Reserves The Right To Refuse Any Order, And To Stop Doing Business With Anyone At Any Time.

Customer agrees that these Terms and Conditions are incorporated into every Order made to Paul Bond Boots

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The Legend of Paul Bond Custom Cowboy Boots is evident in every pair of stock handmade cowboy boots and custom cowboy boots that leaves our shop (the "Barn"). Our continuing intent is not to be the largest handmade custom cowboy boots manufacturer, but among the finest custom cowboy boots makers for cowboys and cowgirls and those that enjoy the western style..

We are excited about making your next pair of Paul Bond Handmade Custom Cowboy Boots.

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